Medical Sciences Building

Contribution from the University of South Alabama Foundation Will Facilitate the Construction of a New Medical School Building

A $30 Million contribution from the University of South Alabama Foundation will help fund a new state-of-the-art facility in medical education and scientific research for the Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine.

The contribution, to be given over six years, is in addition to the Foundation’s annual contribution to the University. It is funded in part from conveyance to the University of 45 acres of wetlands at the Brookley Property (valued at $2 Million) and a 50-acre parcel of highly developable property adjacent to Brookley Aeroplex (valued at $9 Million).

President of the Foundation Board of Directors, John McMillan, said the $30 Million contribution supports the Foundation’s mission.

“One of the basic tenets of the mission of the Foundation is to assist the University in supporting its academic programs,” President McMillan said. “The University of South Alabama continues to be a transformational institution for the Gulf Coast region, the State of Alabama, and the southeastern United States. Its College of Medicine serves as the core to USA Health,” he said.