The Foundation timberland investment consists of 77,487 acres.

The timberland investment was valued at $176,140,000, at December 31, 2023. Timber investment represents 41.63% of the net assets of the Foundation.  Timber is an asset that exhibits constancy of value, low volatility, and a manageable cash flow.

Timber activities in fiscal year 2024 to date include:

  • Revenue from the timber investment of $2.24 Million from July 1 through March 1, 2024.
    •  The revenue is generated from:
      • Clear-cut sales of 1,112 acres and pay-as-cut sales;
      • Thinning on more than 900 acres; and
      • 107 hunt leases on more than 76,000 acres.
  • In December 2023, 1,391 acres were planted with ArborGen Mass Control Pollinated seedlings with projected greater volume.
  • Plans are underway to plant 1,900 acres in December 2024.

Total revenue from the sale of timber since the beginning of the Foundation’s timber operations has been more than $163,500,000.