Foundation Support

  • Foundation’s Dauphin Island property valued at $1.92 Million given to the University of South Alabama in support of research in Marine and Environmental Sciences programs.

The Foundation Board approved a resolution to give a 63 acre +/- tract of land on Dauphin Island to the University.  The land that is along Aloe Bay will provide a living laboratory for research and study of the northern marshes of Dauphin Island as a part of the work of the Stokes School of Marine and Environmental Sciences.  The University will be able to construct a formal outdoor classroom on the property and use it for research and instruction.

  • Announcement of the Sylvestre Graduate Student Support Fund to provide program support for graduate education at the University.

         The Sylvestre Graduate Student Support Fund will begin this academic year supporting programs in graduate education, as recommended by the University administration. More than $300,000 will be available annually for such programs. Dr. Jeanne Sylvestre, an emeritus professor of accounting and former chair of accounting and a member of the Foundation Board, provided a bequest to fund programs in the Graduate School. The Foundation Board is pleased to bring this program to fruition and will look forward to the possibilities of graduate education which this fund will support.

  • In the fiscal year 2023, $13,260,154 contribution by the USA Foundation to the University.
  • Highlights of the Foundation’s contributions are:
    • $1,244,993 for scholarship support of more than 100 scholarships, including the Whiddon Honors Scholars;
    • $3,002,625 for faculty support, including support of 36 professorships, including $220,000 for the Faculty Development Fund, for faculty travel support;
    • $9,012,536 for academic programs including:
      • $469,450 for USA Foundation Research Fellowships and graduate assistantship stipends;
      • $3,997,022 for support of USA Health projects and equipment, to include a Patient Discharge Unit and 2 CT Scanners, and at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, to include funding the construction of an MRI Vault and equipping an 8th operating room;
      • $1,277,428 for Clinical Support Fund for College of Medicine Faculty;
      • $747,600 for Hospital Equipment.
    • $1,769,800 to facilitate the construction of a state-of-the-art Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine.
    • Additional contributions supporting academic programs, students and faculty, are $751,236.

(Please see Detail 2023 for the complete listing.)

  • More than $250 Million in support of the University of South Alabama.
  • Through August 24, 2023, the Foundation has provided more than $252,468,458 in support of the University of South Alabama:
  • $  27.3 Million to support student scholarships;
  • $  84.7 Million to support faculty; and
  • $ 140.41 Million to support academic programs.