Foundation Support

$6,320,039 contributed by the USA Foundation to the University of South Alabama at the December 15, 2022, meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors.

  • Highlights of the Foundation’s semi-annual contributions are:
    • $401,237 for scholarship support of more than 100 scholarships, including the Whiddon Honors Scholars;
    • $1,460,308 for faculty support, including support of 36 professorships;
    • $4,458,494 for academic programs including:
      • $226,700 for USA Foundation Research Fellowships and graduate assistantship stipends;
      • $110,000 for Faculty Development Fund, for faculty travel support;
      • $2,068,481 for support of USA Health for projects and equipment at USA Hospital, to include a Patient Discharge Unit and 2 CT Scanners, and at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, to include funding the construction of an MRI Vault and equipping an 8th operating room;
      • $638,714 for Clinical Support Fund for College of Medicine Faculty;
      • $373,800 for Hospital Equipment.
    • $884,900 to facilitate the construction of a state-of-the-art Whiddon College of Medicine.

(Please see Detail 2023 for complete the listing.)

  • More than $243 Million in support of the University of South Alabama.

Through December 31, 2022, the Foundation has provided more than $243 Million in support of the University of South Alabama:

  • $26.66 Million to support student scholarships;
  • $83.15 Million to support faculty; and
  • $134.05 Million to support academic programs.