Current News

$9,216,000 contributed by the Foundation to the University in fiscal year 2024.

Highlights of the Foundation’s contributions are:

  • $580,334 supporting more than 100 scholarships;
  • $1,698,303 for faculty support, including 38 professorships;
  • $2,734,766 for academic programs including USA Foundation Research Fellows/graduate assistant support; the new Sylvestre Graduate Student Support Fund; and the Dauphin Island property valued at $1.92 Million;
  • $2,250,000 for partial funding for the vault for the new Elekta Unity System in the Mitchell Cancer Institute;
  • $673,001 for support of the clinical faculty in the Whiddon College of Medicine;
  • $394,791 for hospital equipment; and
  • $884,900 for the Whiddon College of Medicine contribution.

(Please see Detail 2024 for the complete listing.)

Total contributions toward the $30 Million commitment for the Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine are $23,805,700.

At its March 7, 2024, meeting, the Foundation Board received the following reports:

  • Net assets at December 31, 2023, were $423,123,000.
  • Timber investments were $176,140,000.
  • Marketable securities (equities) were valued at $231,711,000.
  • Other assets were $15,272,000.
  • Management and general expenses were 0.74% of net assets.

Dr. Robin McNair, newly elected member of the Foundation Board of Directors, was welcomed to the meeting.  Dr. McNair is a pediatrician with Pediatric Associates of Mobile and is a graduate of the Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine.

The Foundation Board elected Dr. Anjanetta Davis to the Board.  Dr. Davis serves as Director of the Simulation Program of the University of South Alabama and an Associate Professor of Nursing.

The Foundation Board elected the following as Board officers for a two-year term: John McMillan, President; Greg Luce, Vice President; Lowell Bonds, Secretary; and Bobby Hall, Treasurer.

The Foundation Board adopted a resolution recognizing the service of Margaret Delchamps Young, who served on the Board for more than 30 years, until her death in December 2023.

Dr. Harold Pardue, Dean of the Graduate School, updated the Foundation Board on new graduate program development and growth of currently existing graduate programs and reported on the plans to meet the requirements as an R1 institution under the Carnegie classification system.  He introduced two USA graduate students, Ms. Lillie Ange, and Mr. Abeeb Oyelere, graduate students in Audiology and Civil Engineering, respectively.  They presented an overview of their research.  Since 2008, the Foundation Board has provided funding for 22 Fellows and support for graduate assistantships.