Board of Directors

Hon. Otha Lee Biggs

Retired Probate Judge&lt

Hon. Walter E. Penry, Jr.

Retired State Representative

Mr. Lowell J. Bonds

USAF Secretary

Dr. Frank S. Pettyjohn

USA Professor Emeritus

*Mr. W. Allen Carroll, Jr.

Certified Public Accountant

*Ms. Maxey J. Roberts

USAF Managing Director

*Dr. Damian J. Collins

USA Alumni Representative

*Mr. James H. “Jimmy” Shumock

CEO, Engineering Firm
Vice Chair – USA Board of Trustees

*Mr. Robert P. Hall, II

Certified Public Accountant
USAF Treasurer

*Honorable Kenneth O. Simon

Chair Pro Tempore – USA Board of Trustees

Mr. Alpha Johnson

Retired Banker

Dr. Elizabeth A. VandeWaa

Professor – USA
USA Faculty Representative

Mr. Nolan C. Leake

Retired Partner
King & Spalding

Dr. Tony G. Waldrop

USA President

Ms. Verla E. Ledlow


*Mr. John T. Whiddon


Mr. D. Gregory Luce, Jr.


Mr. Robert D. Word

USAF Vice President

Mr. John McMillan

Commissioner of Agriculture
and Industries of State of Alabama
USAF President

Mrs. Margaret Young

Retired Businesswoman

*Dr. W. Scott McNair


*Graduate of the University of South Alabama