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arrow At March 31, 2017, the value of the timber investment was $159,704,000, an increase from June 30, 2016, of $2.7 Million. The timber investment represents 43.7% of the net assets of the Foundation at March 31, 2017. The Foundation owns more than 77,000 acres of timberland, located primarily in central west Alabama and central east Mississippi and in north Mobile County. Timberland provides a predictable cash flow and maintains a consistent value, serving as a renewable resource with an average growth rate of 7% per year.
arrow The Foundation Board, at its June 8, 2017, meeting, was provided a report on the progress of the timber investment. Total revenue from clear-cut sales and thinning through May 31, 2017, was $3,597,435, and hunting lease revenue generated $469,986.
arrow As a part of the renewable resource of the timberland and of the management of the asset, the Foundation planted 833 acres in December, 2016. Of that total acres planted, the Foundation planted 96 acres in Arborgen Mass Control Pollinated seedlings, 196 acres in Weyerhaeuser loblolly seedlings, and 541 acres in Weyerhaeuser 3rd generation advanced loblolly seedlings. The seedlings are selected for performance, based on rating valuations for added height, straightness and resistance to disease.
arrow The Foundation has begun site preparation of 1,058 acres to be planted in December, 2017.
arrow Timberland Investment Statistics:
Initial investment in Timberland $132.9 Million
Revenue produced from timber since initial investment $145.4 Million
Fair Market Value of timberland at March 31,2017 $159.7 Million

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