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arrow A report on the timber investment was presented at the March 8, 2018, meeting of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.
arrow At December 31, 2017, the timberland investment was valued at $159.4 Million, consisting of more than 77,000 acres of timberland that is actively managed by the Foundation.
arrow Total proceeds from clear-cut sales and thinning and hunt leases from inception of the timber management plan is more than $147,358,000.
arrow For the fiscal year 2017-2018, the Foundationís timber management plan includes clear cut sales on 2,200 acres, thinning on 2,000 to 3,000 acres, and hunt lease revenue from more than 74,000 acres.
arrow For fiscal year 2017-2018 through March 1, 2018, the timberland investment had generated more than $2,340,000, which included clear cut sales to date, thinning and hunt lease revenue.
arrow In December, 2017, the Foundation had planted more than 680,000 seedlings on 1,099 acres. Arborgen open pollinated seedlings and mass control pollinated seedlings were planted with 622 trees per acre. The seedlings have high performance ratings with high growth rates.
arrow The valuation of the more than 2,200 acres planted in varietal seedlings and mass control pollinated seedlings has increased the site index and overall expected growth potential due to the unique qualities of these improved seedlings.
arrow Timberland Investment Statistics:
Initial investment in timberland $132.9 Million
Revenue produced from initial investment $147.358 Million
Fair Market Value at December 31, 2017 $159.404 Million.

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