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To support the University of South Alabama, balancing current contributions with future growth.

More than $147 Million has been contributed by the USA Foundation since 1990 in support of the University of South Alabama, its students, faculty and academic programs.

$4.29 Million was contributed by the Foundation to the University of South Alabama during the fiscal year 2016, beginning July, 2015.

The net assets of the USA Foundation were $357,611,000 at December 31, 2015.

In 2010, the Foundation purchased the Brookley property in order to respond to the University’s defined most critical and important need, to secure funding for the expansion of USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital.  The 327-acre tract, the Brookley property, is located adjacent to the Airbus U. S. Manufacturing Facility.  Its long-term development will inure to the benefit of the entire University community.


Philosophy of Endowment Foundations

“Successfully managed endowments retain forever the ability to provide a particular level of institutional support, justifying the classification of endowment funds as permanent assets. Pursuit of long-term asset preservation requires seeking high returns, accepting the accompanying fundamental risk and associated market volatility.” - David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer, Yale University, in Pioneering Portfolio Management.

An endowment foundation balances these two divergent requirements of endowment accumulation while providing an incremental source of funds to allow the University to be one of excellence, acting in a prudent manner to meet both objectives.

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