Brookley Update

  • The Brookley property, part of the former Brookley Air Force Base, is located along 1.5 miles of the western shore of Mobile Bay. It consists of approximately 330 acres, of which 41 acres are wetlands, with the remainder developable property. It is approximately four miles from Downtown Mobile and five miles from the Port of Mobile. It is accessed from I-10 at Broad Street or Michigan Avenue and is minutes from the intersection of I-10 and I-65. Brookley is bounded on the east by Mobile Bay, and on its western boundary is located the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley. Adjacent to the property is the only Airbus Manufacturing Facility/Assembly line for the A320 airplanes manufactured in North America. The Mobile Aeroplex has major airport capacity with a 9,600 foot runway and a second runway of 7,800 feet.
    With these unique characteristics, the property can be considered for office, industrial, residential, or mixed-use concepts.

    Brookley by the Bay is also already developed with existing roadway and infrastructure.

  • As a part of the marketing approach, Cushman & Wakefield/EGS has prepared an Offering Memorandum and has distributed it to developers. The Offering Memorandum can be found on the Brookley website,
  • The property is owned by Brookley Bay Front Properties, LLC, a limited liability company that is wholly owned by the Foundation.
  • Objectives and Concept Plan Principles for the Brookley property were approved in September, 2012, and the Concept Plan was approved in December. (Please see Brookley Concept Plan link.)
  • USA Foundation Objectives for the property are:
    • Generating a return on the Foundation’s investment;
    • Developing the property in ways that will reflect positively on the USA Foundation and the University of South Alabama;
    • Contributing to the economic development of the region;
    • Minimizing the Foundation’s future capital outlay;
    • Capitalizing on the unique qualities and assets of the Brookley site; and
    • Preserving and continuing the positive relationships that the Foundation enjoys with the local stakeholders, including the University of South Alabama, the City of Mobile, the Mobile Airport Authority, the Chamber of Commerce and others.
  • USA Foundation Concept Plan Principles for Brookley include:
    • Creating a unique product in the marketplace that has regional appeal;
    • Preserving and capitalizing on the property’s environmental aspects;
    • Developing the property in ways that will allow for a variety of building types and thus maximize market penetration;
    • Creating an efficient and flexible development framework; and
    • Creating a sense of place on the site to be environmentally appealing.
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