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  • USA Foundation annually provides funds for more than 100 scholarships and has provided a total of more than $20.97 Million to support scholarships for students at South.
  • USA Foundation annually provides funds to support 35 professorships and has provided a total of more than $69.5 Million for faculty positions.
  • USA Foundation has provided more than $77.7 Million in support of academic programs at South.
  • 2018: Total assets at December 31, 2017, are more than $372 Million and total contributions to the University are more than $168 Million since the founding of the USA Foundation.
  • March, 1968: Established to support the new University of South Alabama with estimated assets of $100,000.
  • 1980: Rubin Chair in Surgery established by Arlene and Mayer Mitchell.
  • 1980: Ripps-Meisler Research Fund for Surgery was established by Mr. and Mrs. Bert Meisler to support the surgical program.
  • 1983-84: Foundation successfully defended its rights to Grant’s Pass resulting in an oil and gas interest in submerged lands near Dauphin Island and an initial bonus of more than
    $5 Million.
  • 1987: Abraham A. Mitchell provided core funding of a Chair that would become the Abraham A. Mitchell Chair, Department of Internal Medicine.
  • 1988: Louise Lenoir Locke Estate – provided a partial interest in more than 900 acres of timberland and more than $12 Million to support the USA College of Medicine – The Louise Locke Fund has provided more than $12.4 Million in that mission and endowment funding for 9 chairs in the College of Medicine.
  • 1988: Purchase of more than 4,500 acres of timberland from the Robert Locke Estate for a total amount of $4.2 Million, the beginning of the timberland investment.
  • 1990: Abraham A. Mitchell provided core funding for a Chair that would become the Abraham A. Mitchell Chair of the Mitchell Cancer Center.
  • 1991: The Colle Chairs for the College of Medicine were established to support faculty in cancer treatment.
  • 1992: Assets of Foundation reach $100,000,000.
  • 1992: Foundation purchases more than 4,600 acres of timberland in Lauderdale County, Mississippi.
  • 1993: Charlotte and Sam Eichold establish the Eichold Scholarships for medical students.
  • 1994:
    • Foundation Board establishes the first of 10 Arts and Sciences Professorships.
    • Foundation Board establishes the Faculty Development Fund to support faculty travel.
    • Foundation Board establishes the Hospital Equipment Fund to assist the University Hospitals in acquiring state-of-the-art equipment.
    • Foundation Board approves purchase of 10,000 acres in North Mobile County referred to as the Newman tract.
  • 1997: Foundation Board accepts and establishes the Jack Laidlaw Fund for the performing arts in music and theater.
  • 1997: Foundation Board approves purchase of more than 55,000 acres of timberland in Alabama and Mississippi bringing the total timber investment to more than 77,000 acres.
  • 1998:
    • Dr. Joan Sinnott endows a Chair in Comparative Psychology – the Joan M. Sinnott Chair of Comparative Psychology.
    • The Foundation Board establishes the Clinical Support Fund for College of Medicine Faculty.
    • The National Hellenic Society (Paideia) establishes an endowment for Hellenic studies.
    • Foundation Board approves support of the Whiddon Honors/Scholars program – $13.375 Million has been provided to support that program.
  • 1999: Foundation Board approves scholarships for students in the Mitchell College of Business which has provided to date $1,000,000.
  • 2002: Foundation Board establishes the Frederick P. Whiddon Liberal Arts Scholarship program.
  • 2002: Foundation Board establishes the Aubrey D. and Ellen F. Green Scholarship in Arts and Sciences.
  • 2004: $12 Million commitment to support the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute (MCI) – since then more than $20.9 Million has been provided to the MCI.
  • 2004: The Foundation Board accepts legacy gift from Mr. N. Jack Stallworth of funds to support an annual lectureship in Southern history, two History scholarships and gift of family home.
  • 2005: Peter Weise Fund for Marine Sciences established to support Marine Sciences research programs.
  • 2007: The Daphne Driskell Calhoun Cancer Research Fund was established to support cancer research.
  • 2008: Foundation Board approves funding 10 USA Research Fellowships annually for new graduate programs and additional stipends to graduate students totaling more than
    $4.3 Million for graduate education through those programs.
  • 2010: Foundation Board approves purchase of 330-acre Brookley property to assist the University in its expansion of USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital.
  • 2011: Joe Bullard Sr. Fisheries Research Fund established to support fisheries research.
  • 2012: Foundation Board member, Mrs. Verla Ledlow Wilters, with The Honorable Robert Wilters and Dr. John Wilters, establish the Judge Harry J. Wilters, Jr. Annual Lecture in Constitutional Law and Ethics.
  • 2013: Dr. Betty Brandon and Dr. Howard Mahan establish the Mahan-Brandon Fund for Gender and Women’s Studies.
  • 2016: Frank Greiner, M.D. Fund to provide an employee award is established by his family.
  • 2017: Foundation Board accepts gift from Board member, Dr. Jeanne Sylvestre, for the Dr. Jeanne Sylvestre Scholarship in Accounting and also accepts her legacy gifts, the Dr. Jeanne Sylvestre Endowed Chair of Accounting and the Sylvestre Endowed Chair of Music.
  • Milestones for the next fifty years!

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