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The Foundation contributed $5,037,000 to the University of South Alabama in support of scholarships, faculty and academic programs through December 31, 2017. (Please see Detail 2018 link for complete listing.)
The Foundationís contributions included but are not limited to:
  • $375,000 for the Whiddon Scholars in the Honors Program;
  • $1,007,929 for faculty support, including 36 professorships;
  • $217,550 for USA Foundation Research Fellowships and graduate assistantship stipend support;
  • $110,000 for Faculty Development Fund for faculty travel support;
  • $62,500 for the Alumni Center, which is the second of four contributions totaling $250,000;
  • $540,242 from the Clinical Support Fund;
  • $312,602 from the Hospital Equipment Fund; and
  • $1,735,049 for the purchase of two da Vinci surgical robots Xi.
Contributions from the Disproportionate Share Hospital Funds (DSH Funds) for the six-month period through December, 2017, totaled $2,587,893. The Foundation Board approved funding the purchase of two da Vinci surgical robots Xi, which provides robotic surgery at USA Medical Center and an upgraded version at USA Childrenís and Womenís Hospital. The distributions also provided support for hospital equipment and support of clinical faculty.
More than $168 Million in support of the University of South Alabama

Through December 31, 2017, the Foundation provided more than $168 Million in support of the University of South Alabama for:

Scholarships $20,957,240
Faculty support $69,532,506
Academic programs $77,681,344.

As the Foundation celebrates 50 years of support to the University of South Alabama, highlights are found on the Milestones listed. Among those are:

  • $20 Million in support of USA Childrenís and Womenís Expansion by acquisition of the Brookley property. That investment will benefit the University as it is marketed and developed.
  • More than $20 Million in support of the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute, including the support of four chair positions in the fight against cancer.
  • Supporting more than 100 scholarships, including the Sam and Charlotte Eichold Scholarship for Medical students, the Stallworth scholarships in History, the Thomas and Compton Scholarships and the Dr. Jeanne Sylvestre Scholarship of Accounting, among those 100.
  • Faculty support, including 10 professorships in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Joan M. Sinnott Chair of Comparative Psychology, as examples, with a total of 35 chairs or professorships throughout the University.
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