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CURRENT NEWS - Celebrating 50 Years!

$5,037,000 contributed by the USA Foundation to the University of South Alabama for the six months ending December 31, 2017.

The Foundation’s contributions included but are not limited to:
  • $375,000 for the Whiddon Scholars in the Honors Program;
  • $1,007,929 for faculty support, including 36 professorships;
  • $217,550 for USA Foundation Research Fellowships and graduate assistantship stipend support;
  • $110,000 for Faculty Development Fund for faculty travel support;
  • $62,500 for the Alumni Center, which is the second of four contributions totaling $250,000;
  • $540,242 from the Clinical Support Fund;
  • $312,602 from the Hospital Equipment Fund; and
  • $1,735,049 for the purchase of two da Vinci surgical robots Xi.
Net assets at December 31, 2017, were $372,724,000, compared to $365,243,000 at
June 30, 2017, or an increase of $7,481,000. The increase was due primarily to the realized and unrealized gains on equity (stock) investments.
  • At December 31, 2017, the equity investments were valued at $136,836,000.
  • The timberland investment was valued at $159,404,000 at December 31, 2017.
  • Interest in real estate was valued at $69,172,000, which included the Brookley property at $60,820,000.
arrow The USA Foundation Board of Directors elected the following Board members to serve as officers for a term through March 31, 2020: Mr. John McMillan, President; Mr. Robert Word, Vice President; Mr. Lowell Bonds, Secretary; and Dr. Jeanne Sylvestre, Treasurer.
arrow The Board of Directors, at its March 8, 2018, meeting received a report on the work and activities of the University of South Alabama Faculty Senate. Dr. Elizabeth VandeWaa, a member of the USA Foundation Board, serving as the faculty representative, serves as President of the USA Faculty Senate for the 2017-2018 year. She provided an update on the significant work of the Senate which included development of a teacher-educator tenure track and work with the faculty and with the University administration.
arrow The Board of Directors was provided a report on the Graduate School and its many developments by the new Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Harold Pardue. Dr. Pardue spoke about the new degree programs under consideration, the development of a five-year plan, and development of programs that would encourage high schools on a regional basis to enter a track leading to graduate education. Two students, who are USA Foundation Research Fellows, spoke of their research and experiences at the University of South Alabama in graduate education.
arrow The Board reviewed and approved the Form 990 and related tax filings that set forth the mission of the Foundation and the ways in which the Foundation has carried out that mission.
arrow The Board received an update on the Brookley property.
arrow The Board reviewed its Code of Conduct and Ethics Policies, which is an integral part of the governance of the Foundation.
arrow The Board of Directors was invited to attend Local Goodness, an event that benefits USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, to be held on April 15. The Foundation is the presenting sponsor of this event.
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